2019 Philatelic Subscription


Customers who want to have the certainty of receiving all year issues can reserve a year subscription filling in a red form that this Office will send to new subscribers.
This Office offers the possibility to personalize each subscription choosing items (philatelic sets, mini-sheets, booklet, postal stationery), quantities and the eventual obliteration of the set with postmark.

- PHILATELIC SET: stamps are issued in sets, that is one or more philatelic values celebrating the same theme. Sheetlets are included in the subscription to the philatelic sets.
- MINISHEETS:  set of stamps in which the subjects are repeated on the same sheet in a number of less than ten units.
- BOOKLET: once a year one or more stamps are inserted in a philatelic booklet
- POSTAL STATIONERY:  postcards, aerogram and envelope

P. S.: sets on envelope (sets on a white envelope with first day cancellation) cannot be requested with the year subscription, but can be requested only using the forms for additional requests.

The year Subscription will grant the reception of the material selected within February of the following year and without extra charges.
After subscribing customers will continue to receive information  and order forms for additional requests (black order form) to use only in case of philatelic requests in addition to the quantity or the items included in the subscription. Please note that the additional orders will require an additional payment.

Material is sent by "port payé" freepost

Note: the subscription does not include the joint issue of foreign states, which must be booked separately.

As explained in the form, payment may be made in the following ways:

- credit card (include number, expiration date and cvv2 security code)
- personal or cashier's check (written out to "Philatelic and Numismatic Office Vatican City")
- postal money order (written out to "Philatelic and Numismatic Office Vatican City", noting your name, surname and the item ordered).

The order form must then be sent by:

- postal mail to: Philatelic and Numismatic Office, Governatorato, 00120 Vatican City
- email: 
- fax: +39 06 6988 1308.

NOTE:  for al collectors that are still not registered as customers of the Philatelic and Numismatic Office it will be necessary to download the form and insert in the upper part of it all details for shipment (name, address, city and zip code).
All registered customer will have to download the order form and insert the customer code and the complete name.