“In remembrance of the Vatican lira”

“In ricordo della lira vaticana”  

The prestigious re-edition of the eight Vatican coins issued in 2001 closing the Vatican coniage in lire

On december 10th 2007, eight gold medals will be issued that replicate the last eight Vatican coins struck in lire in 2001. These coins depict the Popes in order: Pius IX, Pius XI, Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I e John Paul II. The eight cois are reproduced in gold (white or yellow according to the monetary typology represented) and they are reserved for a very select group of collectors. 499 specimens have been produced in valuable leather cases each containing the eight copies of the coins. Each case is numbered and includes a certificate of guarantee that is also numbered. The case is complete with a brief monograph on the Papal and then the Vatican coniage in lire, which is also numbered and accompanied by a CD Rom that illustrates the various stages of workmanship at the Italian Mint.