Charity Lottery III Edition






The drawing will be held on Tuesday 2 February 2016

1° Car FCA LANCIA “Nuova Ypsilon” 1.2 69cv SILVER*
2° Rolex Watch “Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date”
3° Tandem bicycle, white color
4° Bicycle “Montana”, Shimano geared
5° Table watch “Bongelli Argenti”
6° Pen “Aurora”, sterling silver
7° Leather Bag “Cardon”
8° Stopwatch “US Polo”
9° 48 hours black leather suitcase
10° Hand-made carpet (125x210 cm)
11° Hand-painted Caltagirone pottery centrepiece
12° Electrical coffee machine “Bialetti Easy Timer”

............and more than 30 “minor” prizes............


Lottery tickets available at:
- Vatican Pharmacy - Vatican Post Offices -
- Philatelic and Numismatic Office Point of Sales -
- “Annona” Outlet - “Stazione” Store -
- Vatican Museums / “Bookshop” Point of Sales -
- Vatican Telephone Service -
- Governorate Main Building -

* The winner must pay VAT and registration costs.
All prizes must be claimed at the Events Coordination Office
of the Governorate within 30 days from the drawing.
Prizes will not be shipped.
The list of winning tickets will be available at all the
above-mentioned sales locations and at

Information at:

  Download poster of lottery