How to Purchase Vatican Telephone Cards

In December 1992 Vatican City began issuing telephone cards which can be used within Vatican City and extraterritorial areas connected to the Vatican Telephone Exchange. Each series is marked by a number and sold either directly or by mail until sold out. Direct sales are possible at the Vatican Telephone Exchange office. The phone cards still available by direct sale at this office include series numbers from 154 to the last emission.

How to purchase Vatican Telephone Cards by mail order:
+ send an order with payment to: Vatican Telephone Service, 00120 Vatican City
+ payment must include the value of the telephone card(s) plus shipping and handling. Shipping is 12.00 Euro for Europe and 18.00 Euro for other nations. All packages are sent by registered mail.
+ cash on delivery orders are not possible.

Telephone Cards Still Available
The series of phone cards still available by mail order include numbers from 154 to the last emission.
For other card series not listed above, some may still be available for direct sale at the Vatican Telephone Exchange office.

Payment Options

+ Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa) orders made by:
- email (see “Contact Us”);
- fax (+39 06 6988.5447);
- telephone (+39 06 6988.4627);
- postal mail  (Vatican Telephone Service, 00120 Vatican City).

+ International Money Orders sent to “Vatican Telephone Service, 00120 Vatican City”. Specify your order in the space allowed for “messages” or “instructions”.

+ Bank check written out to “Servizio dei Telefoni - Città del Vaticano”. Please mail the order with your check enclosed.

Subscriptions to Vatican Telephone Cards (CTV)
It is possible to subscribe to receive on a regular basis the Vatican Telephone Cards, also to avoid having to frequently order and pay every time a new series is issued. A minimum of a 70 Euro deposit is required to regularly receive one copy of a phone card series until credit runs out. Sending 140 Euro would mean receiving two copies of each card series issued, while sending 200 Euro would mean three copies of each, and so forth. When requesting a subscription, please specify from which series you wish to start it. For example, “enclosed is 200 Euro to receive three copies of each phone card issue beginning with series 166”. The new CTV issues will be sent automatically with a copy of the latest CarTelVat newsletter and an account statement until subscription credit runs out.

The subscriber is required to renew the subscription when the deposit is too low to cover the next phone card and shipping feeds. When the new CTV are issued, subscribers are the first to receive them.

Helpful Information
+ Subscribers receive for free a copy of the CarTelVat newsletter to keep them up to date on the latest series of phone cards to be issued.
+ Order inquires may be made by telephone from 8:00-12:30 Rome time, Monday to Friday, dialling +39 06 6988.4627.
+ It is also possible to send a deposit of funds from which amounts for various phone card orders are deducted (thus avoiding the need and expense of sending small amounts of money for occasional orders).
+ Customers are guaranteed to receive the number of cards ordered in their subscription. Special requests of additional cards, over and above the ordinary subscription, will be accommodated depending on the number of phone cards still available.
Contact us
+ If you would like to write to the “Vatican Telephone Service, 00120 Vatican City”,
+ of if you would like to order Vatican Telephone Cards,

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