The primary responsibilities of the Vatican Telephone Service are:

- to design, manage, maintain and expand the telecommunications network of Vatican City and all its components (copper and fibre optic cables, radio bridges, communications nodes, etc.);
- to manage the Vatican’s Telephone Exchange (configured as a public telephone network with SGU-Urban Group Stage and SGT-Transit Group Stage characteristics), applying regular hardware and software updates, handling the internal phone numbering system and directing calls to the outside;
- to manage all internal telephone subscribers, including the invoicing of phone traffic, fees and services;
- to manage public telephone access within Vatican City territory through its own system and distribution of telephone cards;
- to design, install and maintain telephone switchboards, telephone and data networks of various types and sizes within Vatican City and extraterritorial areas;
- to participate in the activities of international telecommunications organizations on behalf of the Governatorato (the Vatican has its own international telephone code (0379) assigned by the International Telecommunications Union, but which is not being used at this time);
- to design, install and maintain the Intranet of the Governatorato.